If you love having a good time, meeting interesting people, and tasting the best there is in the beer industry, Downtown Seattle is the place to be. There are numerous bars and lounges and the numerous fun activities that are ongoing will make you yearn for more every day.

Here are some of the best bars/lounges in Downtown Seattle:

The Forge Lounge

The Forge Lounge is a great place that overlooks the ferry terminal. This makes it a great place to sit back and unwind after a long day’s work.

As you wait to board the ferry, you can take some time and get some fun in this amazing lounge. Whether you prefer the local distilled spirits or beers from other places, you will find them here.

The cost of the foods and drinks sold is affordable and the staffs are super-friendly. Any time you need to have some great time, the Forge Lounge is the place to be!

The Forge Lounge is located in 65 Marion St Seattle, WA 98104 b/t Alaskan Way Viaduct & Western Avenue Downtown.

Dead Line

This moderately priced restaurant is another classy place where you will enjoy excellent services, good food, and all types of drinks. The restaurant staffs are passionate about providing excellent services and the environment is adorable.

As the name suggests, Dead Line located in a place where people from every walk of life can meet and interact. The affluent, as well as those who do not have much, can have a great time at this restaurant.

Deadline is located in 114 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 b/t Washington Street & Yesler Way Pioneer Square.

The Terrace Lounge

The Terrace Lounge has great food, a wide range of classy drinks, and an amazing sitting area. The staff at the lounge will make you forget that you were exhausted as their service is exceptional.

On selected occasions, you will enjoy listening to live music as you enjoy your favorite drink. This is a place that is definitely worth spending your time!

The Terrace Lounge is located in Fairmont Hotel, 411 University Street Seattle, WA 98101 b/t 4th Avenue &5th Avenue Downtown.

Oliver’s Lounge

Oliver’s Lounge is a fabulous place to be any time you are in Downtown Seattle. The bartenders are accommodating and will ensure that you get what you need within a short time.

If you love being in a sophisticated atmosphere where handmade drinks are served, this should be your first choice.

Oliver’s Lounge is located in Mayflower Park Hotel, 405 Olive Way Seattle, WA 98101 b/t 4th Avenue & Westlake Avenue Downtown.