The hotel industry in Seattle has grown to a level where you will never miss your favorite meal, regardless of your background. To taste your favorite Italian food, you do not have to travel all the way to Italy.

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Seattle:


This Italian restaurant has been in operation since 2008. It has gained popularity due to the great taste of the Italian delicacies that Chef Stuart’s team makes. From the handmade pasta, seasonal dishes, desserts, and a great wine selection, you will never be disappointed.

Whenever you can, come to Spinasse and taste some Porchetta tonnata, cipollini ripiena, Polpette di coniglio, and trota, among others. The amazing staffs are always at your service to ensure that you enjoy your stay at the restaurant.

Pizzeria Credo

Pizzeria Credo is another great Italian restaurant in Seattle. The food flavor is divine, and every ingredient is perfectly balanced.

And… you do not have to go to the restaurant to place an order; you can do this online and have the delivery done on time.  If you prefer coming to the restaurant, you will be amazed by the hospitality!

You will be served as soon as you are seated and the food is always freshly cooked. From the pizza to the great wine variety, and the salad, you will fall in love with the food!

Altura Restaurant

At Altura Restaurant, you will enjoy a multi-course dining experience. You will lose count at the number of delicacies you will taste while at the restaurant as they will keep coming.

The chef and his team are very attentive to detail to ensure that you will enjoy your stay at the restaurant. Whenever you can come to Altura and enjoy the blackberry sorbetto, affogato, amaretto semifreddo, and the spring tea.

There are other great Italian restaurants in Seattle such as Armandino’s Salumi, The Pink door, Rocco’s, Bizzarro Italian Café, and Orfeo.  Whenever you get a chance, have a taste of the delicacies sold in these restaurants as well.